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When you purchase a property  governed by a homeowners' association, you automatically become a member of the association. You don't have the choice of not joining. The purchase of your home becomes a contract with the HOA. You agree that you'll obey all the HOA rules and pay regular dues and any special assessments.  It is vital that you read these documents as they govern the entire working of the Association. A copy of these documents as well as the duly adopted rules and regulations are available on this site. It is your responsibility to be informed of the information compiled herein.

Architectural Process

Homeowners must submit a “Request for Architectural Improvement” form for all proposed modifications, alterations or additions to any portion of the property. The Terrace at Canyon Hills Homeowners Architectural Committee meets monthly and has thirty (30) days to review all submissions. The  application form is available for downloading from this website.  Please contact Powerstone Property Management at (949) 716.3998 should you have any questions or require additional assistance.

Common Interest Notice

Common interest developments have a number of documents controlling the development. Not all documents are created equal - some have more authority than others. As provided for in Civil Code §4205 (effective January 1, 2014)  the hierarchy of authority is as follows:

  • The Law (unless the particular statute defers to governing

  •  CC&Rs

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaw

  • Rules & Regulations

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