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Current Projects

The following improvements, enhancements and repairs to our community have begun or will begin shortly.

  • Installation of St. Augustine sod along Canyon Hills Drive DONE

  • Removed inoperative pump station at San Nicholas pool DONE

  • Community wide scalp mowing of turf/grass areas and over seeding with perennial rye grass seed. DONE

  • Community wide annual roof maintenance and gutter cleaning. DONE

  • SCE transformers painting 13 locations. DONE

  • Community wide re-stenciling curbs "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" 40 locations. DONE

  • Community wide re-stenciling curbs "GUEST" 21 locations. DONE

  • Garage area, damaged downspout and trim replacement. IN PROGRES

  • Santa Rosa pool - light pole painting, gate adjustment, restroom repair, exhaust fan & flue cleaning. DONE

  • San Nicholas pool - new taller gate and side panels, walkway iron fence painting. DONE

  • San Nicholas 400-500, 500-600 wrought iron fence repair and painting. IN PROGRESS

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