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Terrace Tribune - June 2020

Reminder to Lock Your Doors and Protect Valuables

Just a reminder from the HOA and Board to lock your doors and keep valuables out of plain sight - especially in your vehicle. We've had a couple of recent vehicle thefts (which have now, thankfully, been returned to the owners) and a home break-in in conjunction with one of the vehicle thefts (in order to steal the car keys from inside the house).

Spring at The Terraces

We wanted to pass along some pictures taken by one of our residents here at The Terraces at Canyon Hills along with a note that read:

"I am impressed with Spring at the Terraces. Compliments."

Spring has arrived and thanks to the Landscape Committee and crew at Quezada Pro Landscaping for the hard work.

Pool Status

The state has recently published guidelines for the re-opening of community pools. The Board is currently evaluating the costs of additional effort and services that will be required to comply with list of re-opening mandates that includes things like monitoring social distancing, frequent bathroom checks, sanitizing protocols, additional janitorial needs, implementing time slots to control capacity, etc.

The Board will be discussing the matter at the next HOA meeting scheduled for June 25th. Our property manager will post and provide information about how homeowners can participate in that meeting remotely. Stay tuned.

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Jun 19, 2020

I absolutely agree with above comment, I am beyond upset about the Towing with NO written notices, I don’t believe people are stealing the tickets I think they aren’t even writting situations so that they can tow, they tow without warning ⚠️. Had I even received one citation I would have know to move my car. Trying to use the safety list was hard, my friend also didn’t receive any written citation, and I am check to see if they cited her. I believe if u left a dummy car out, and Checked it every morning there wouldn’t be any citations or warning, I am not the only one having these issues. I recommend small claims. Seems illegal to to…


Welker, Ryan
Jun 18, 2020

Hi, I think I can speak for many in our community. If you feel like you should avoid risk because of a weak immune system, then maybe don't go where other people are. At this point, the pool should be open. Check OC and CA reg. It's a private pool for residents here. Just put up your liability sign. Open the pool now for the owners and residents who want to be there. We are responsible adults who can social distance on our own.

And, if anyone is actually reading these responses, while we are here, something needs to be done about your irrational policy on our parking and guest spaces. We've had owners and renters, including myself, who ha…

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