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Terrace Tribune – January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to another edition of the Terrace Tribune for January 2020. Here’s an update on what’s going on in the community.

Community-Wide Re-pipe Project

As the board continues to make progress on advancing this much-needed project, please be sure to join us at the next HOA meeting on Thursday, January 23rd. The re-pipe is an important topic discussed at every meeting and several homeowners have offered valuable input.

Fire Lane Update

After many rounds of plans being drawn/redrawn, compliance checks, and weather delays, the fire lane project may finally be completed soon. Everything is ready to go and the crew is aiming for completion sometime toward the end of February to allow for the recent rains/moisture to dry up and temperatures to move above 50 degrees at night (presumably so the material will dry properly).

Difference Between the Management Portal and HOA Website

Recent feedback from homeowners indicates that some folks aren’t sure what the difference is – or that either even exists! – between the online portal and HOA website.

The online portal is owned and managed by our property management company Platinum Management Group. It’s where you’ll find administrative documents and functions like viewing and/or setting up payment of your monthly dues, viewing your payment history, submitting (and tracking) maintenance requests, submit architectural review applications, and download documents like meeting minutes, agendas, CCRs, and more.

The online portal can be found at:

The HOA website is owned by all of us as a community and typically managed/updated by someone currently on the board or on the communications committee. While there is SOME overlap with the online portal when it comes to accessing things like meeting agendas and minutes, you’ll also find the latest news and happenings (like THIS article you’re reading now!), link to submit a service request, contact information for our patrol company, link the guest parking safelist, community suggestion box, and more.

The HOA website can be found at:

Pools/Spas Update

Just a note that the pump in the upper spa needs to be replaced so for now, it’s “out of order.” Also a reminder that our pools are heated all year ‘round so even though it’s Winter, you can still enjoy a comfortable swim in the nice warm(ish) pool (and, of course, the spa).

Parking Reminder

Many homeowners are voicing concern about the frequency of residents that are consistently parking in guest spots. This is a reminder that residents are not permitted to park in guest parking spaces without approval from the board of directors or in emergency/extenuating circumstances.

In particular, it has been noted that certain residents are consistently parking in a guest space after work – and remain there for several hours - rather than parking in their garage. On occasion, there may be a need to park in a guest spot temporarily and infrequently (i.e. having construction or other work done at your unit). But when it’s done consistently, several days a week, and by many of the same residents, it starts to become a problem.

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