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Construction on San Nicholas (300-400 Circles)

Dear Neighbors, The City of Laguna Beach Sewer Department, using a camera designed to travel through the pipes, identified a manhole access cover near 400 San Nicholas Court had been paved over. This apparently was done many years ago, possibly by the original builder. In any case, the

City expressed their need to have access. Carasso Construction has been hired to do the work. They started demolition using the general location identified by the City. The manhole cover was not found and Carasso requested guidance from the City. The same crew from the City that originally identified the location in question returned and was also unable to ascertain the location of the manhole cover. They expressed concern and indicated they would try to return with a different piece of equipment better suited for the task. This is where we stand at the moment and ask for everyone's patience as we continue to try and resolve the problem. Please drive and walk with extra caution.

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