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Keeping the Community Informed

In an effort to keep everyone in our community informed, The Terrace at Canyon Hills HOA Board will be sending bi-monthly posts. Topics will include :

Active projects updates – what is currently happening to improve our community Landscaping updates – what landscaping efforts are underway and their progress Projects under discussion – what is under consideration for new projects Community Handbook updates – good neighbor and community living reminders

The Board will utilize the website as the Hub for all community news and information. We encourage you to use the website to stay informed. Email will be utilized to distribute 'snippets' of articles being posted, as stated above. We welcome any questions through the suggestion section of the website. Just click the suggestion box button on the home page. Also remember to remind your neighbors to Opt-In to receive Terrace Community News only, and in case of an emergency. Projects Under Discussion The HOA Board is currently discussing the following projects for our community:

  1. Fence replacement to vinyl at 421, 422 and 423 San Nicholas Court given rust and disrepair to current fences. The Board is requesting bids to understand cost.

  2. Increase Sea Crest (our landscaping contractor) days and/or crew to better serve landscaping maintenance. The Board is requesting a bid to understand added cost.

  3. Re-pipe feasibility study to assess the cost and timing implications of a full community re-pipe. There have been many pipe leaks that have (literally) sprung up in the past few years. A community-wide re-pipe would be a proactive effort to avoid unit water damage. The Board is discussing the best approach to an assessment.

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