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Current Projects Update

Bi-monthly update on Terrace projects....

Siding Replacement

San Nicholas Ct. Street Repairs

Wrought Iron Fencing


  • Sewer cover retrofit 300-400 San Nicholas Court required by City of Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, we were directed to dig in the wrong location. The City has agreed to excavate and retrofit the correct location at their expense. When they are done, we will have the stamped concrete area restored. The City has said they will do their part during the week of September 4th.

Please use extra caution when in the area.

  • FHA re-certification is in process. Once approved, we will again be eligible for FHA insured mortgage loans including HECM (reverse mortgage).

  • Window sill and trim painting community-wide has been completed as needed.

Starting in the next two weeks and will be on-going

  • Community-wide siding replacement to be done in three stages with the most damaged units as a priority. This is a major project that is scheduled to begin September 11. Carasso Construction has been awarded the contract.

  • All Carasso employees wear clothing that clearly identifies them as part of the construction company. The work is prioritized throughout the entire community with the most deteriorated siding being addressed first. Please note that not all siding on any one unit needs to be replaced. The product being installed is a cement board siding, commonly known as Hardie Board. Important to know is this material can crack or shatter if you attempt to nail or screw into it.

  • Any personal items that have been attached to the exterior of your unit will need to be removed prior to the repairs.

  • Please do not attach any personal item once the siding or trim has been replaced.

  • Each resident will be notified one week in advance of any work being done on your unit. The work is generally non-invasive and residents will be able to stay in their home while the work is being done.

Important reminders to owners and residents

  1. Please leave the prioritization decisions up to the construction experts and the Board.

  2. Please do not ask the contractors to do additional work of any kind.

  • Community-wide wrought iron fencing repairing and repainting.

  • Slurry seal and re-stripe repaired area near 620 San Nicholas Ct detached garages.

  • Replace pool signs with new language required by State of California.


Landscape enhancement is ongoing throughout the community

  • The area near 321 and 400 San Nicholas Court has been improved to provide a more coherent and attractive appearance.

  • The courtyards in the 500 block are undergoing renovation as needed.

  • Trees along Canyon Hills Drive have been pruned and trimmed.

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