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Projects Under Consideration & Community Handbook Reminders

PROJECTS UNDER CONSIDERATION The Board is continuing a community wide re-pipe feasibility study. So far, it is clear that the long-term savings, in both dollars and inconvenience, could be substantial. The discussion is now focused on the various pipe material options: copper, Pex and epoxy coating. Each have pros and cons. If you have any first-hand experience or knowledge of the subject please let us know. Should the community pools be kept heated year-round? Currently the pools are heated April through October. Feel free to voice your opinion via the suggestion box on our web site. COMMUNITY HANDBOOK REMINDERS We all like to add personal touches to our homes. However, due to the nature of community living this is not always possible. It is the HOA responsibility to maintain the common areas. In fact, each member pays a substantial amount of his or her dues for that purpose. Unauthorized changes can degrade aesthetics, impede irrigation, harm existing landscaping, or create a safety hazard causing additional HOA expenses. While the person whom adds their own special items may have good intentions, the reality is that s/he is not only ignoring the community rules but the rights of the other members are being ignored. The Board has a legal responsibility to enforce the community rules. Therefore, nothing may be added, removed from or modified in common areas without HOA approval. This includes items such as decorative flags, figurines, furniture, fencing, pavers, stones, etc. U.S. and Military flags may be displayed and maintained using proper protocol. See

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