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Terrace Tribune ~ October Bi-Monthly Edition

ANNOUNCEMENTS Board Election: There is still time to get your vote in for the Terrace at Canyon Hills Homeowner Association Board election. The election has been extended until October 26, 2017. If you need a replacement ballot, please contact Accell’s Property Management and one will be mailed to you or you can stop by Accell’s office and pick up a ballot any weekday, 9am-5pm. All ballots must be mailed to or dropped off at Accell’s Property Management. PROJECTS UNDER CONSIDERATION Maintenance Contract: The Board is looking at proposals for a maintenance contract for ongoing gutter cleaning, cobweb and spider web removal, mailbox cleaning, garage door exterior cleaning, minor repairs and painting, etc. This would benefit the community by keeping things "spiffy" and preventing deterioration. Currently the methodology employed to identify needed repairs relies upon notification by residents or discovery by management during a monthly walk around. By identifying and attending to needed repairs on an ongoing basis, rather than waiting for deterioration to the point of being obvious and needing complete replacement, expenses will be lowered. The proposal would have a qualified contractor employee on site three days a week. Re-pipe Feasibility Study: The Board is continuing a community wide re-pipe feasibility study. So far, it is clear that the long-term savings, in both dollars and inconvenience, could be substantial. The discussion is continuing as this is both an important and costly project. COMMUNITY HANDBOOK REMINDERS

Holiday Decorations: The holiday season is coming up and decorations are festive but please be considerate to your neighbors. Decoration are permitted from Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017 through January 14, 2018. Nails, screws or any hardware that may potentially damage shingles, siding or trim is not allowed. Use care when employing hanging decorations from rain gutters to avoid any damage as it would be your responsibility. Decorations for other holidays are permitted 14 days before and 14 days after the holiday. Dog Doody: The Terrace at Canyon Hills is a dog-friendly community. There has been a recent increase of complaints regarding dogs being allowed to "do their business" on inappropriate areas of our community. Our pet rules are the same as Orange County law and as a pet owner you should be familiar with these laws. They are intended for the safety and well-being of your pets, your family and all members of the public in which you and your pet come in contact. In a nutshell, please clean up after your pet, every time. OCCO 4-1-50 Dogs to be curbed states in part: “A person having custody of any dog shall not permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care or control, any such dog to defecate or urinate upon any public area, private property, County park or beach. The person having custody of any dog shall immediately remove any feces deposited by such dog”. Here is the link to learn more

Detached Garages: The Association pays for electricity used in the detached garages. Occasional usage is expected but excessive consumption is not. Please keep the use of power tools, lights and other electrical consumption reasonable. Electric vehicle charging is not allowed in the detached garages.

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