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Terrace Tribune – January 2019

With the start of a new year, we wanted to take a moment and provide an update about a few projects that are completed, underway or expected soon at The Terrace at Canyon Hills.

New Year, New Board

In October 2018, a new Board of Directors was elected to The Terrace At Canyon Hills Homeowners Association.

Gary Bittner (Returning Member)

Frank D Aronoff (Returning Member)

David Golbahar (Returning Member)

Gene Levy (New Member)

Mark Badran (New Member)

The first meeting in November 2018 ran for a whopping 4+ hours. While there was a lot of business to catch up on, the new board looks forward to serving our community and delivering better communications throughout 2019.

Fire Lane Access Project

Several months ago, the Orange County Fire Authority came onsite and determined that our fire lane – the strip of grass in the 500 circle between The Terrace at Canyon Hills and The Artisan Apartments next door – was not up to code. In short, the grass would not support the weight of a fire truck (tens of thousands of pounds) should it need to drive through during an emergency.

After months of deliberation, reviewing several bids, and considering long term cost of upkeep and maintenance, the previous Board of Directors (2017-2018) determined (voting 2 for and 1 against, with 1 member absent) that the best solution is to replace the grass with concrete.

As of the writing of this article, a project start date has not yet been scheduled but is expected sometime during this year.

Refer to the May 2018 Minutes for further details.

Implementing Fiscal Care and Responsibility

One of the most important roles of the Board of Directors is to exercise fiscal care and responsibility in managing HOA funds.

After over a year of paperwork, signatures, and administrative hurdles that started in the Fall of 2017, the Board completed a project to protect reserve funds that had been allowed to accumulate in amounts that exceeded the FDIC insured limits in a number of CD’s held by the association.

After a change in HOA Management and set up of a money management service with Morgan Stanley, the Board redistributed CD’s into various accounts and amounts within the insured levels. The Board also adopted a plan to stagger the maturity dates and length of investment to make sure as rates rose, the HOA funds would not be stuck in longer term lower yield instruments.

Special thanks to Platinum Management Group and the 2017-2018 Board for keeping an eye on and protecting our community funds!

Pool FOB Access and Wi-Fi

This was an ongoing and contentious issue that had many homeowners questioning the cost-benefit of installing an electronic FOB access system for both pools as well Wi-Fi at each pool house. In addition to the upfront cost of installing both systems, there would be ongoing monthly cost to maintain.

So for those that opposed, you’ll be happy to learn that as of August 2018, the Board of Directors decided not to take any further action.

Refer to the August 2018 Minutes for further detail.

New Architectural Submission Guidelines

You should have recently received (in the mail) a copy of the newly-proposed Architectural Submission / Guidelines and Solar Energy System Policy. We encourage you to review these documents carefully as they will impact the entire community.

The packet provides a space for homeowners to provide written comments which will be considered by The Board of Directors.

Better yet, join us at the next Board of Directors meeting where you can voice your opinion and comments.

Next Board Meeting

January 24, 2019

Open Forum – 6:30

Board Meeting – 6:45


Platinum Management Group

65 Enterprise - 3rd Floor

Conf. Room – Huntington 1

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Now Let’s Hear from YOU

What would you like to hear about or get an update on in the next Terrace Tribune?

Please leave your comments in our Suggestion Box and let us know.

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