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Terrace Tribune – May 2019

Welcome to another edition of the Terrace Tribune for May 2019. This month we’ll focus on the architectural inspections recently conducted along with an update on projects discussed in previous issues of the Terrace Tribune so you can get caught up on what’s happening in our community.

Architectural Inspections

As discussed in the April 2019 edition, a final version of the new architectural guidelines was approved and is now in effect.

They are designed to establish a clear definition of what potential changes (not covered in the CCRs) homeowners can perform without approval, and which might require a review and approval process by the architectural committee.

In short, it means that some of the changes that homeowners had already made to the front courtyard area and/or back patio/deck area may be now be in violation of the architectural guidelines.

Our property management company has recently completed a walkthrough and inspection of all units based on these new guidelines.

Some of the most common issues include:

  • Extended back patios and personal items beyond the property line

  • Screen doors (that don’t conform to the options approved in the new guidelines)

  • Personal pots/plants in the common area

  • Various items mounted to the building/siding

The management company has begun mailing architectural violation notices (hint: almost all of us will be receiving a notice for something).

That said, here are some resources that may come in handy:

Architectural Application (to apply for approval of your change)

Capital Repair Projects

As discussed in both February and April, there are a variety of capital improvement/repair projects that are being discussed including community-wide re-piping and asphalt resurfacing. To address these items, additional funding would be required in the form of a loan, special assessment, HOA dues increase, or a combination of any/all.

The Board of Directors is continuing to meet with bank representatives to discuss various financial options. At some point, a townhall meeting will be scheduled to present the options to homeowners, ultimately resulting in a vote to choose your preferred option. Stay tuned.

Fire Lane Project

As a refresher, the Orange County Fire Authority determined that our fire lane – the strip of grass in the 500 circle between The Terrace at Canyon Hills and The Artisan Apartments next door – was not up to code. In short, the grass would not support the weight of a fire truck (tens of thousands of pounds) should it need to drive through during an emergency.

The previous Board of Directors (2017-2018) determined (voting 2 for and 1 against, with 1 member absent) that the best solution is to replace the grass with asphalt.

With all the rain we’ve had this year, the project has been pushed back. There’s no word yet on when the project will start.

Upkeep and Maintenance

In addition to the recurring items like regular pool maintenance and landscaping, here are some additional projects approved by the board:

Common Area Landscaping - $4,092

Various renovations and replacement of drip line system with spray heads.

(3 Votes For, 2 Against)

Water Intrusion - $4,980

Repair damage to unit in the 300 block due to water intrusion from exterior siding.

(Unanimous Vote)

Just a note on pool maintenance, homeowners have noted that the level of service and cleanliness (spa equipment function, water temp, etc) has declined and the current service provider has been unresponsive. The Board is reviewing a proposal from another pool service provider and may be switching soon.

In addition, one of the pumps in the lower spa is not working properly. The Board will be reviewing proposals for repair/replacement.

2019/2020 Budget Review and HOA Dues

At the last meeting in April 2019, the Board of Directors reviewed 3 proposed 2019/2020 budgets submitted by Management.

A vote passed unanimously to approve the budget version with no increase in the current monthly assessment amount.

Join Us for the Next Board Meeting

Come on out and voice your opinion on the various projects and goings on at the next board meeting:


Thursday, May 23rd

Open Forum - 6:30 pm

Board Meeting - 6:45 pm


Platinum Management Group

65 Enterprise - 3rd Floor

Conf. Room – Huntington 1

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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